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About Me

Who is this man?

Hi, my name is Mauro Giustozzi, I’m from Argentina and I’m currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

I have worked in digital product design and growth marketing strategies for startups in Latin America, USA, and Europe in the last 12 years.

I have founded a company that finally had an exit, as I have also been part of bankrupts.

I lived in Mexico and the United States, and I have also traveled as a backpacker for months through Latinoamerica.

I like to get up early, design, analyze metrics, try and re-analyze, I just love it.

This year 2019 I will be learning more about code. Do you have questions? Let’s talk! Below you will find how.


UX/UI Designer & Growth Hacker
Google Ads 90%
Facebook Ads 82%
Wireframes & Prototyping 92%
HTML & CSS 82%
Speaking English 72%
Reading & Spelling English 98%
Javascript 57%
SEO 89%

“We started working together with Mauro in 2015. Our sales grew 6x at the end of the first year, with an ROI of 5x. We are really satisfied with your professionalism and experience.”


“Mauro has a vision not only of design or growth, he thinks with a strategic vision of the business. He enters the business, understands it and helps it grow.”



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